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"It's always a pleasure to work with Keisuke, true professional who puts attention to detail and always provides quality translations. He's flexible and always quick to reply."

Rubén Serrano Peinado - Project Manager at Localization at Webzlab

Goal-Oriented Localization Specialist

My name is Keisuke Uno, a native translator, marketer and copywriter.
My motto is "No One Wants a Drill. What They Want Is the Hole.” It means that what you want might not be what you actually need for getting the right result.
Let's say, you were the CEO of your company and good at managing your team but didn't know about localisation at all. Then, you just thought you could get decent sales as long as your texts were translated accurately. However, that is a huge mistake most of the time. To reach your right audience, what you actually need could be to create contents from scratch, since just translating the existing materials could not make the target audience impressed. Your goal is to make a profit by approaching a proper way, NOT just translation itself. I will help you to find and dig your "hole", not giving you a "drill".


My Skills that Leads to Success of Your Localisation


Accurate translations are not always the best.
To convey what you would like to say exactly and make it more persuasive for the Japanese people, I creatively change your texts.


Did you know that readers decide whether they click articles within only 3 seconds, and even they click, most of them leave pages within 15 seconds?
To lead to your sales from an article, I create a copy that attracts your prospects.

Website Optimisation (SEO)

Increasing the awareness of you is the first step to sell your products/services to your customers.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps you raise your website on search engine results and that your potential customers find you easily.


You are not sure whether your existing documents are good? Also, you would like to get some insight that is useful in your future localisation projects?
I evaluate your documents and give some insightful advice.

Content Writing

Do you think just hiring native speakers leads to your success in content creation? Absolutely not.
To reach your right audience and let them take an action, readability and logic flow are significant. As a linguistic specialist, I create contents that actually leads to your profit.


Key differentiators

All-In-One Solutions

I offer all things you need for localisation. You could think of me as your Japanese localisation manager.

Down-To-Earth Consultation

From the viewpoint of a localisation specialist, I ask you your problems, backgrounds and things you want in detail and advise the best solution.
Understanding your situation is essential to achieve your real goal.

Trusted by 50+ Clients and Praised Top Rated Talent

I have received over 50 good reviews on LinkedIn and Upwork.
Also, Upwork praised me as the Top Rated Talent.
I have completed over 100 projects successfully and localised over 1,000,000 words since I started my translation service.


Specialised Fields

  • IT/Tech
  • Marketing
  • Finance


Limited Time Offer

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Not only for the great translation

Keisuke is a very professional translator! The work was done perfectly fast and carefully. Surely we will cooperate with Keisuke in the future. Thank You once again! Not only for the great translation, but also for communication and help with the publisher.

Valentin Alexeev

Skilled communicator and ASO practitioner

Keisuke is a skilled communicator and ASO practitioner. He was quick to suggest changes to our App and Play store assets including keywords, titles, subtitles, and best of all, screenshots. There is a lot of nuances in the Japanese market and his insight has been invaluable as we push into this market. I would highly suggest working with him and will use him in the future in case we need more Japanese app store optimizations.

Tim Jones
Marketing / Keepsafe

SEO compliant and close to the brand voice

We needed to localize some SEO category texts for a client in Japan and Keisuke helped us very efficiently. Very good communication and adherence to deadlines is what we appreciated the most. The work he delivered was SEO compliant and close to the brand voice. We'll definitely work with Keisuke again in the future!

Serena Milici

Trustworthy professional

It was a great pleasure to cooperate with such committed and trustworthy professional as Keisuke.

Kate Kalinina
Head of Business Development / Teambrella

Helped us with so many campaigns

Keisuke is really active and responsible and reliable. The translation is really professional. He helped us with so many campaigns.

Lillian Deng
Co-founder / Vinyl

SEO friendly

Keisuke is very much our 'go to' guy when it comes to finer details of SEO friendly Keyword Research or Translation. His English level is excellent, as is his responsiveness.

Bryan Smith
Business Development Manager / Elevate Digital

Done on time with attention to detail

Hi there, My name is Liliya and I have been working with Keisuke over the last year - he has helped my company by translating our FreeConferenceCall service into Japanese. He has been a professional at all times and produces quality work. I enjoy working with Keisuke and would strongly recommend him to my colleagues and friends. With that said, our company will continue utilizing his services because of our great experience and reliance that the work will be done on time with attention to detail.

Liliya Zherebnenko
Project Manager / FreeConferenceCall.com

He is pro.

He is pro. Maybe, I will work with him for a long time.

Raymond Hong

High standard and in accordance to the set deadline.

Kei completed the set task to a high standard and in accordance to the set deadline.

James Lowery

Great communication and cooperation

Uno san did a good job in this case, great communication and cooperation. Keep the quality of work, so I would like to recommend.

Sh Zheng

Offered the best experience possible, to be honest.

Mr. Uno offered the best experience possible, to be honest. Not only I am very satisfied by his work and the translation he provided, but also the communication and the personal treatment was very satisfying. It was a pleasure to work with him. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Jorge Fuentes

Reliable translator on IT localizations

Diligent and reliable translator focusing on IT localizations. Fluent, natural, high quality translations that are attractive to target users, while successfully conveying the meaning and the style of the source text.  

Agnese Dionisio
Marketing Planning Assistant / Thai Secom Security CO., LTD.

Very efficient, always responsive

Very efficient, always responsive to emails and enquiries and gets the job done as requested. Reliable, hardworking and always very good to work with I can highly recommend their services for Japanese translation.

Lianna (Arny) Plaut
Country Director / Global Business Guide

App translation

He is great and was very glad to work with him regarding the translation of my application to Japanese.

Şahin Atam
Software Developer / Thales

Accurate in a short amount of time

Keisuke provided me with an accurate translation in a short amount of time. He even finished the translation ahead of schedule. He was easy to communicate with. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a good translation. Thank you again!

Sam Fagnart
Graphic Designer and illustrator

Ensure the original meaning would be conveyed in the best way

One of the few services I’m happy to recommend. I had urgent need of some proofreading for an official text, and I was met with much professionalism and readiness. Not only I appreciated the promptness of the work, but also the ability to improve the original text, checking-in with me on a regular basis in order to ensure the original meaning would be conveyed in the best way possible.

Vittoria Porcelli
International Press Office Coordinator / Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival

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